I just realized it’s been over 6 months since my last entry. Work kept me busy over the summer and now into the fall. But the real reason for the lack of posts is nothing has really changed, so there hasn’t been a lot to write about.

Both Becky and Robbin decided I wasn’t progressing with their treatments, so I stopped seeing both of them. Since I began my appointments, I have improved, but not to the degree I had hoped. I still have the tightness in my right hip, although the amount varies by the day. Some days it’s very obvious, others it’s pretty subtle. I would still classify it as annoying more than anything. It’s not really painful, just a reminder of where I’ve been. I still have the clunk in my left hip too. The stretching and strengthening didn’t have any effect. I’ve started doing pilates on weekday mornings hoping to regain some of the core strength I used to have. The clunk is very apparent with certain pilates moves.

At my last massage appointment with Robbin, she suggested I buy and start using a massage aid device called a Thumbby. It helps to focus your force in a certain spot so you can massage longer and deeper. It cost about $20-25 on Amazon. Most evenings I try to work on my tight spots. It seems to help, temporarily. I’m still not making any lasting changes, but it’s nice to be able to loosen up some muscles.

Thumbby massage aid

Thumbby massage aid

Really, I don’t have that much to complain about. I am basically pain free. I rode my bike a bunch over the summer, working up to 35 miles with hills. I regularly walk 3 miles in my hilly neighborhood without problems. In September, Steve and I took a 2+ week trip to Paris with stops in London and Amsterdam. We didn’t have a car the whole trip, so public transit and walking got us everywhere. We walked a lot! At first, I would come home at the end of a day of sightseeing and have sore muscles, but I think that was just a lack of conditioning. As we walked more, I got more used to it. Before surgeries, that amount of walking, especially the sightseeing style of walk…stand…walk…stand, would have left me very sore and achy in my hip joints.

I saw Dr. Mayo in May for a 1-year check up on my left hip and a 2-year on my right. Everything looked good. He seemed pleased with how everything turned out. We discussed both the issues I was still having. Basically, if I want to pursue either further, I can (likely with injections first), but I don’t think I want to do anything else at this time. I can live with my hips how they are now and there’s no guarantee injections (or firther surgeries) would help. They could make things worse, so I’m content where I am now. Since there’s nothing urgent for Dr. Mayo to follow up on with me, I don’t need to see him for 2 years. I don’t think I’ve gone more than 6 months between either appointments or surgeries since I became his patient.

I will continue to check in here with any changes to my hips or any crazy adventures using them, but it will likely be a while until I write again. Thanks for reading and following along for this journey.