Since about Thanksgiving, I’ve been going to 3 weekly appointments at the PT office, one for massage and two for laser and EMS. Right before leaving town for a week for Christmas, I finally started to notice a difference. The tightness and stiffness in my right groin is improving. I had a massage with Robbin the Tuesday before Christmas. Typically I’m sore the evening after a massage and I go back to usual sensations the next day. Well, the day after that massage I woke up without tightness. That is not uncommon, but I usually start to feel it within an hour of being up and moving around. I made it until dinner before I felt any tightness. Great news!

The next week we were in Ohio visiting family for Christmas. Getting to the airport involves walking about 1/3 mile to the bus stop, riding the bus downtown, walking 5-6 blocks then down stairs to the transit tunnel, taking the train to the airport, and walking another 1/3 mile just to get to the entrance of the airport, all of this while pulling a rolling suitcase and carrying a backpack. All of that walking would normally have angered my right side, but I made it almost to the airport before I felt anything. More great news!

We had a great time visiting family despite a bit of illness. The first night in Ohio I woke up in the middle of the night with nausea, thought I was going to vomit but my body was expelling from the other end. I think the airport sushi was a bad idea…never again. The next day, Christmas Day, I felt better but ate tentatively at first. By mid afternoon I felt back to normal. That’s how the trip started. It didn’t end too well either. The day we flew home, Steve had been up the night before coughing so he was exhausted and felt terrible. After a long day of travel, he collapsed on the couch at 5pm. I lasted a while longer, but between changing 3 time zones and getting up early for our flight I was done by about 9 or 10pm. That’s how we spent New Year’s Eve. The next day Steve had a fever and the chills. He had the flu. I lasted one more day before I got it too. We spent the rest of the week on the couch under blankets.

Between traveling and being sick, I didn’t exercise for 2 weeks. Boy, could I tell a difference. Both hips were more tight and sore. Both Robbin and Becky noted the same thing at appointments earlier this week. Thankfully, Steve and I are both feeling much better now, though we still have coughs. I’m working back up to 45 minute interval trainer sessions most nights. I guess the normal routine is good for me.