I made a new hip friend, Ruth. We’d e-mailed back and forth a bit but you can’t really have a conversation over e-mail. She wanted to meet and talk over her hip situation, so on Sunday we went to a coffee shop/creperie (isn’t that a great word?) and talked for a couple hours. Her situation is different than mine because of age and issues present with her hip, but we talked it over and I tried to give as much advice as I could.

My situation for my right hip, the one already operated on, was more straightforward. I was told by Dr. Mayo that I needed a PAO within 6-12 months, and he’s one of the top guys in the country performing PAOs. Okay…not fun, but it was an easy decision. My left was more of a question mark because my dysplasia was borderline, but because of the retroversion (see last post) Dr. Mayo thought I would need the PAO within a few years. Again, not fun but an easy decision. Might as well get it over with now so I can fully recover and get on with my life.

It’s not so straightforward for Ruth. She’s seen many doctors. The PAO doctors are saying she needs an arthroscopy to fix a labral tear. The arthroscopy doctors are saying she needs a PAO. How incredibly frustrating! Different doctors are classifying her dysplasia (she does have it but it’s also borderline and actually better than my borderline left hip) with a wide range of angles. Also frustrating. One thing about her situation that makes me feel hopeful is that she is consulting with Dr. Mayo. I hope he’ll be able to direct her to the correct treatment by a competent doctor. He doesn’t think she needs a PAO. I don’t think so either…but I’m certainly not an expert.

Anyway, hopefully our conversation was helpful to her. It’s always nice to meet face to face with some of these women I’ve met virtually. It’s nice to know that this blog is helpful to someone besides me. I do find it a bit therapeutic to be able to express myself but I always hoped someone out there would find my ramblings here useful.

In other news, at the beginning of this month I was stuck in a low mental state. I’m happy to say that has passed and I’m feeling more like myself. I’m more hopeful and optimistic again. Still not looking forward to this LPAO one little bit, but I know I can make it through one more time.

I have under 8 weeks to go. I’ve started thinking about the things I’ll need to do before surgery but it’s still too early to really do too much. I don’t want the commode sitting in my office for too long before surgery. Eventually I’ll need to dust off and reassemble all my aids. Everything had been put away except for my cane. I’ll also need to do a good spring cleaning and prepare and freeze a bunch of meals.

Finally, I think I’ve diagnosed myself with either trochanteric bursitis (inflammation of the bursa sack on the outside of the hip) or tendonitis. I’ve been having some soreness on the outside of my right hip, usually after exercising. I spent some time on the internet this morning looking up treatments. For both, the initial treatment is ice, stretching, anti-inflammatories, and resting from activities that cause the pain. I’m going to give that a try and see if it gets any better. I don’t think I want to stop cycling because it’s the major source of my exercise right now. Plus I’ll have plenty of time to rest after surgery. According to what I read, bursitis (that’s what I think I have) is common after hip surgery because tendons and muscles are in slightly different locations and are rubbing in different ways than before. Makes sense to me. According to my PT, Dan, I was “remodeled” after all.